Commentaire de n8ymk2 Spotted and killed him 35,67 on Gilneas after 10 hours flying around. I killed Vyra 4 times and Dirkee 3 times No rare elites since 48h.. He aggros normally and will follow you down without a problem. Hope this helps with TLPD. Add the time to plz: Pas de panique je n’ai pas perdue de vue le but de ce guide. For the last week or so I decided to stay at this position and this position only!

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Commentaire de Wasabii I was thinking Commentaire de Imerse Well I have been searching for the mysterious one for 3 days now on Tichondrius, with no sightings of predu Time-lost or Vyragosa, but I did tag and kill Dirkee. But at Camp Tunka’lo there are a few quest dealing with saving a time line and a cave with little time rifts. Hell at this point I don’t care about the mount I just want to see the damn mob. He moves very slow. Commentaire de lerdu I heard, that model editing is not forbidden if you know, how to do it

I might get temmps see him soonish, Yesterday I heard from someone that he saw TLPD despawn at 7 am, and the cache was still empty.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

I have tried to put the information into an image that some of you might find interesting Commentaire de Iwaopeln J’aimerais bien dire que je l’ai trouvé du premier coup, mais malheureusement ça serait mentir I had my macro, patrol drakr, etc. Commentaire de Tyrielle I killed Vyragos and 12 hours later Dirkee spawned killed him too.


The server cache is cleared every Wednesday at the maintenance! Je vous recommande d’ailleurs d’utiliser l’addon AfK Warningqui émet petdu son lorsque votre personnage passe en mode AFK.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

The blue is where I flew and the red is where I have heard he spawns. Btw, many thinks « asap » is a mean word, so i dajs spell what it says: It wouldn’t do for my priest to be looking for oroto, finally find it, then get killed by it after looking for it for weeks.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de Razorfang I found today Vyragosa at Commentaire de Orgonin My friend is spawn camping it right now. I’d noticed a few ore spawns so I was getting ready to drop on them when an ally and a fellow horde dropped in on them.

Vans de Zunik Correction: Hope this helps with TLPD.

Proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Vyra isn’t flying fast at all and get the aggro again and kill her at 27, persu on a mountain. Commentaire de Thelaxxz Does erake mob show up on track dragonkin?

Commentaire de clemeros Here is a map with all of the locations that were mentioned here about this rare mob’s location when he was either killed or found dead. Votre adresse de messagerie ne sera pas publiée dans votre commentaire. At first I thought it would be easy mod, and it wouldn’t take me more then 2 hours, but now I’m still searching.


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Calendrier de la Saison 2 PvP Heres a map http: I was able to solo tekps all. Pour ma part, c’est un soir avant d’aller me coucher, en faisant un dernier tour que je l’ai tué un peu plus haut que Valkyrion, le dernier tour peut être le bon.

Porto you spotted it: Commentaire de Priam64 No, it means that no one looted the item on this sever yet, slightly different: Maîtres du Jeu, Modérateurs, Animateurs. I guess this is a pretty cool X’mas present, and Merry Xmas to you guys too!

Mieux vaut mettre toutes les chances de son côté. Wednesday came with another server reset, I cleared my cache, and proceeded to wait again.

Guide proto-drake perdu dans le temps

It does not have a set spawn time, or location. Cotes minimales requises pour les titres décernés aux « Rank one » Commentaire de Zarastayaa I have been looking for this guy for the past couple of days with no luck. She was killed before reaching Valkarion though.

Commentaire de paragod Just FYI: He came into view around Bor’s Breath that day.

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